Rational Numbers NCERT Questions



  1. List five rational numbers between:

(i) − 1 and 0                    (ii) − 2 and − 1

(iii)                 (iv)

  1. Write four more rational numbers in each of the following patterns:

(i)      (ii)

(iii)   (iv)

  1. Give four rational numbers equivalent to:

(i)      (ii) (iii)

  1. Draw the number line and represent the following rational numbers on it:

(i) (ii)       (iii) (iv)

  1. The points P, Q, R, S, T, U, A and B on the number line are such that,

TR = RS = SU and AP = PQ = QB. Name the rational numbers represented by P, Q, R and S.


  1. Which of the following pairs represent the same rational number?

(i)         (ii)             (iii)   (iv)

(v)    (vi)                  (vii)

  1. Rewrite the following rational numbers in the simplest form:

(i)      (ii)  (iii)          (iv)

  1. Fill in the boxes with the correct symbol out of >, <, and =

(i)           (ii)       (iii) (iv)

(v)        (vi)   (vii)

  1. Which is greater in each of the following?

(i)    (ii)        (iii)        (iv)         (v)

  1. Write the following rational numbers in ascending order:

(i)      (ii)   (iii)




  1. Find the sum:

(i)  (ii)  (iii)      (iv)  (v)  (vi)


  1. Find

(i)          (ii)    (iii)   (iv)


  1. Find the product:

(i)         (ii)      (iii)      (iv)

(v)            (vi)

  1. Find the value of:

(i)         (ii)         (iii)

(iv) (v)      (vi)


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